Monday, 26 November 2007



It's been a while since I posted the last work. Shame on me!!
Here are three sketches I have done recently. They are a first step from a concept I 'm currently working on.
Some other will follow, probably with different aspect depending the art direction I'll decide.
The main subject (if there is one?) is the "terraforming".
It will be seen always from inside, trying to put the spectator in this world.
I tought it will be more intriging to avoid the tipical flying point of view.

Tell me your felling about it.


Jared Shear said...

Very cool the contrast between these huge geometric stuctures set against the more organic bits growing up wherever they can find hold. Also love that grand epic scale to the pieces....look forard to seeing more.

Noisewheel said...


I love the concepts. I can imagine them on the cover of a classic sci-fi novel!

Gracia said...

wow! they look cool! and you call that "sketches"! jajaja! I don't want to know what is a proper drawing for you... ;).

PuMpKiN said...

this is really a great work man. very very cool "sketches".

Guillaume Bonamy said...

Thanks everybody
Jared, Your felling will be very interesting for a next view with details foreground.
Jase, The classic sci-fi novel are always my main inspiration, I really appreciated your comment.
Stranded, I call them sketches also because the concept is still rough and will evolved, I hope!
Pumpkin, thank for your support.

Marcos Mateu said...

These are nice! I love the abstract feeling.
Happy New Year Guillaume!

bacon said...

Awesome work. I love the compositions and shape contrast in these three pieces.

I stumbeled here from Nevarez's blog's recent link list.

Eric said...

These are amazing Guillaume!!! Great design and execution...very inspirational!