Monday, 16 June 2008



Bygdøy is a peninsula, located in the city of Oslo. Most of the surface is covered by forest and field.
This is the second sketch about the beaches you can find there. They are quite small but really charming and it´s only 15 minutes walk from the part of the city I´m living in.
But Bygdøy is also a cultural place with a few interesting museums.
I will talk about this later when I will have the pleasure to introduce you the place by some of my sketches.
So, stay in touch,



Gracia said...

Cool drawing Guillaume! as always ! keep posting so we can feel jealous of the place you have landed in :D

PuMpKiN said...

really I love your sketches Guillaume. very nice.

un abrazo!

Carolina said...

Hello Guillaume,

You have posted such beautiful sketches from Oslo that I have to agree with Gracia, you´re lucky, G.!

Excellent work, as always!

Muchos besos.

Ambera said...

Your sketches are outstanding! Thank you for visiting my blog, I'd like to link yours on mine, if it's alright. Do you sell any of your work?

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Hi Guillaume! These pen sketches are so lovely. Great composition and very nice taste.
Thanks again for helping me out with Madrid a while ago (I finally decided to stay in Italy a bit more!)
Take care! Ciao!

Dibumac said...

Hey Guillaume !
That looks exactly like Alcobendas ! he, he....

How's life there ?
I'll drop you an e-mail to find out ! Take care and regards to Claire !