Tuesday, 15 July 2008



Last month, I had the pleasure to join the Scketchcrawl Oslo group at Vigeland Park.
I had a lot of fun and it was a great experience. We were around fifteen artists from Norway, Sweden, Usa, India and France.
Gustav Vigeland was an artist who created 212 sculptures for this park. He started to work on it in 1924 and in 1950 , seven years after his death most of sculptures were placed.
The three first skecthes I show you were done at Vigeland Park.

The two last were done the week after and I enjoyed a lot to work again with ink wash. This is definitely my favorite medium for sketch.



Jared Shear said...

WOWSER!....that ink wash sketch is a really beauty, in fact all of them are gorgeous. The ink wash really stands out though. Definitely want to see more of these.

If you ever want to trade artwork across continents and oceans let me know.

Phil said...

very inspiring. great work!

Unknown said...

beautiful drawinngs!

PuMpKiN said...

awesome life drawings Guillaume. every time I see your site I see great works.

cheers man!

joe said...


Nathan Fowkes said...

Gorgeous. Absolutely love your sketches.
Thanks for checking in, I've linked you in to the recent POE post.


Shane White said...

Nice stuff...really dig that last one with the wash. I'll have to remember to do that some time.


Guillaume Bonamy said...

Thank you everybody for your comments and supports.