Tuesday 19 June 2007


This pastel has been done two weeks ago. My first opinion about it was bad because the colors were too strong.
But something on it was still capturing my interest, the light in the background and the texture. I finally reworked the foreground a little bit and post it. I will be interested in your opinion.

Monday 11 June 2007


Hi everybody,
After so many years with gouache painting, I really enjoy coming back to pastel painting.
A few years ago, I used to paint in Malibu Creek State Park, California. The light was beautiful and they were many spot to paint.
Here, around Madrid, I found my Malibu Creek State Park. It's a small "canyon" near the city of Colmenar viejo. I don't even know if it has a name, but I could go every week-end and still enjoy the landscape and the view.
Not far from there, they used to film a part of the movie "The good, the bad and the ugly", the sequence with the army and the bridge, almost at the end of the movie.

The first pastel was little bit larger but I didn't like the composition. So I framed it.

Wednesday 6 June 2007


A special post for my old friend, Mr Clark!
Remember Eric!

Sunday 3 June 2007


A pastel sketch done this week end around Madrid.
This is a 34cmx13cm painted on "pastel card".
We are just in the moment of the year when colors of
landscape are turning more yellow. In few weeks, I could leave
my green color at home!
It took me two hours to complete this sketch.