Thursday, 30 September 2010



  A few days ago, I went to draw and paint near the Loire river, in Blois.
It's funny  how many people I met during this afternoon. Most of them were fishermans, turning around me, curious to see what I was doing ( But I guess I was occupying a good spot for fishing).
During 30 minutes I also had an history lesson, mainly about the bridge.

Built in 1724, the bridge has been damage a few times during wars (in 1793 to stop progression marche from the "vendéens", in 1870 during the war against Prussians, in 1940 during the WWII)
In 1717, they decided to build a new bridge upstream the previous one (a medieval bridge wich had collapsed in the river).
So, they had to enlarge a little street (called "rue de la poissonnerie", now "rue denis Papin") to connect it with the bridge. The main street (now rue du commerce) wasn't in the axe of the bridge.

After a quick investigation, I discovered the exact location of the medieval bridge. You can still see the pillars in the water when you look at it with "google earth".

Turning west, I made this second sketch about the last built bridge in Blois (in 1994), the bridge "Francois Mitterrand". In the background you see how beautiful is the nature along the Loire river.

Both sketches are done with watercolor on a moleskine watercolor sketchbook.


Monday, 13 September 2010


Hi everyone!
traveling this time in my imagination , I came back with this new illustration.
Then I wanted to show you as well my work process.
The final illustration was done on Photoshop, combining  textures and colors.

The line drawing.
Only as reference, the line drawing will disappear during the color process to have a more realistic style.

the sketch .
Most of the time my sketches are done for the composition and ambiance. I don't think about the final style because I want to keep all freedom for later. I considere my sketches as a memo and I don't show them (except today!).
This sketch was done previously with blue "col-erase"  pencil and inked for the correction.

 A second illustration about a similare location is in WIP and I will show it to you soon.


Wednesday, 8 September 2010



More sketches from Pornichet.
This time, I had the opportunity to draw the cost from the sea ,  the tide was low

The last sketch was done in the village called Kervalet. It's an old city built in the 10e century by salt's workers. Located near the pond salt  where they worked, the "paludiers" (salt's workers ) were living in the smallest houses. The others, with one floor are the houses where the "Sauniers" (workers transporting the salt, according Wikipedia) were living.
They are builded with stone granit and slates on the roof.