Thursday 19 November 2009


...and back to France!
But stay around, soon I will post from the city of Blois.
Thanks to many of you guys for the nice and encouraging comments on my work in Norway.

Tuesday 3 November 2009



Unfortunatly, my time in Norway is coming to an end. After 18 months in Norway, I´m going back soon to France, my country.
I still have a few days to spend here and I hope to have time for a last firework of sketches.
Anyway, don´t go to far, there will be some new sketches from new locations and always the same pleasure to share them with you.

Two old sketches I made this year, in April and september.
The ink wash was done on a brown washed paper.


Sunday 20 September 2009



Saturday was the 24th world wide Sketchcrawl. We met at the Vigeland Park with some friends and after couple of sketches went to Aker Brygger, the neighbourhood between the fjord and the city hall here in Oslo.
I took the oportunity of the Sketchcrawl to re-open my box of watercolor. It was really exciting to rediscover an old tool I didn´t practice since years and even if I´m still shy with the color I enjoyed to do it.
The two panoramic sketches are done on Moleskine watercolor paper.
I had a great time and I hope I will find an interesting warm spot for the next Sketchcrawl wich would append in winter time here.

Tuesday 15 September 2009



here is the second part of our vacation trip in Italy. The two first drawing are from Roma and the others are from Toscane.

Sunday 23 August 2009



July has been a wonderfull time for my artistic life. I had the pleasure to spend two weeks in Italy. We first decided to spend few days in Roma, before going to Tuscany.
I knew I would see a lot of art but I didn´t expect so much. During two week I felt like a kid locked in a toy store: running everywhere, with so much to see, so much to do and all of it just for us.
Because our time was limited we knew we had to select our visits. We decided to focus our attention on art "in situ", like churches instead of museums (except the vatican museum of course where we spent eight hours!).
We thought it was a nice way to approach the history of the city by seing the paintings, sculptures and architectures wich are still in their original places.
The rest of the time we walked in the city discovering all the wonders and the living way of roman people. We´ve been always welcome in all places.
The temperature was extremly hot as you can imagine (35 to 37degre celsius) and some afternoon we had to stop for one or two hours to rest a little bit. That´s the moment I took for doing those sketches I would like to show you today.
They were done on moleskine sketchbook with a 6B pencil.
Many times I was thinking about the nineteen century artist who came to Italy to build their art education. Camille Corot was one of them and I couldn´t stop thinking about him when I was
admiring this city.

Coming soon: VOYAGE IN ITALY, PART 2 .

Wednesday 1 July 2009


That´s it, I´m an artist ! I finally jump in to the world of Moleskine.
The paper is pretty soft and it´s a real pleisure to draw with a 6B pencil. Format are interesting too if you consider to make a double page sketch. Otherwise on single page it´s a too small for me.
Last week we spent a few evening on the beach with the typical Norvegian picknic package: Barbecue, sausage and drink.
It was already 9:30 or 10:00 pm when I noticed how the people were pushed away from the beach by the shadow. I had the impression to see a large wave of shadow cleaning the beach.
The boat I draw on the third sketch has been reconverted as cafe-theatre. They probably built some extra deck because the proportion are really unusual. In the meantime they are so interesting to draw.
The next sketch represent the town hall (called Radhuset) seen from the fortress. The architecture of this building is difficult to appreciate (personaly, I don´t) but the interior has been decorated with huge impressive painting from the beginning of the 20th century. It´s also the place where every year in december the Peace Nobel Price ceremony take place.
The two last sketches were done with the "artpen". The line drawing was too similar than my previous series of sketches and I was looking for some new tool I could explore. I stopped for now to use this pen but I´m thinking to use it for thumbnail studies lately.

That´s all for now . A special thank to Abel who offered me this first Moleskine sketchbook a few months ago. Now I´m addict.


Wednesday 3 June 2009



I´ve been pretty busy this last month and the sketches I present you today were done few weeks ago. The first and the second are from Oslo and the last one was done during a trip in west of Norway.

Tuesday 19 May 2009



Bygdøy, the peninsula is only a few minutes away from work. I made those sketches late in the afternoon and it is still a bit fresh to stay outside more than an hour without moving when you draw.
The first sketch was done from the Marina (you can see it on the line drawing sketch)). The second was done from a trail leading to the beach. Both from the west side of Bygdøy.
It´s amazing to know that we are so close from the city center when walking around Bygdøy.
On the third sketch, you can see how the boats are kept safe and dry during the winter.

Wednesday 13 May 2009



Two weeks ago, walking around Bygdøy, in Oslo, I´ve been facinated by this wonderfull light.
I´m now please to share it with you.

Tuesday 28 April 2009


this is a life drawing selection from few last months. There are about 2 or 3 minutes pose, done with pencil drawing, brush pen with black ink or brown ink.

Tuesday 21 April 2009


Hi everybody,

I´m back!
The winter in Oslo has been amazing with such an amount of snow that they had not seen since 22 years (accordind the news). Now the sun is back and so do I.
Begining of the year, I joined a life drawing class. It´s a quick sketches class, 2 or 3 minutes poses max. I will show you some of them soon but right now I would rather restart my blog with few drawings I made a week ago during a trip in Copenhagen.
It´s a beautifull city, made for pedestrian but also a cultural city with some interesting museums such as the "Ny Carlsberg glyptotek"with an impressive collection of Antiques.
This time I worked only with pen. I think I will have soon to change tool and go for brush pen just to break the habit.

So, here is Copenhagen: