Tuesday 19 April 2011


Hi everybody!

For a sketchcrawl, what could be better than a sitted place at a terrasse, especially when a lot of tourist are coming for a refreshment. I spent almost 3 hours here. Even if I missed some good opportunities, especially an old guy with white barbe and sailor hat (I drawed him quickly but he left before more possible sketches), I had a lot of fun to draw the old "cougar lady".I think she noticed that I drawed her. Then I moved away (my arms started to have sun burns!!),
I drawed a view of the Saint Nicolas church seen from the castel panoramic platform. I take this opportunity to explain that I didn't draw the castel of Blois yet because the facade doesn't offer good choices of composition.
The last drawing was done at the Louis XII place where all citizen of Blois go after 19:00 the saturday for a little drink.


Monday 28 February 2011



Saint-Nicolas de Blois is a magnificent Romanesque church built from 1138 by Benedictine monks. They were coming from a land called "La Perche"  (130 km north of Blois), fleeing a Viking raid. They settled in Blois and built their monastery and the church of St. Laumer (named after the founder of their monastery wich became later the church Saint-Nicolas).
The church has been damaged during the Wars of Religion (1568) and rebuilt during  17th century.
Located at the bottom of the Blois royal castle, surrounded by an old medieval neighborhood, this church is dominating the city by its massive and elegant silhouette. The monument is unfortunately not highlighted by the city and do not enjoy such the  night spotlights wich can receive the Cathedral. For one of the oldest building in Blois, it is such a pity.

On the drawing you can see a part of the royal castel, the aisle "Gaston d'orléans" (1635-38)



Wednesday 19 January 2011


Hi everybody!

I wish you an happy new year 2011 full of drawings, sketches and peace!!

 So, I'll start this new year of blog with an illustration from last year. I know, not really logical! LOL!

some details...