Friday 23 July 2010



Long time no see!
I don't know but some drawings escaped from my blog diffusion. So let's talk about them:

In May, I had the privilege to be invited by the school "Pivaut" to be member of the board of examiners for the studients animation diploma in Nantes, a city in west of France near the atlantic ocean.
It was really an interesting experience. The studients were extremly professional.
I came back home with those two sketches, the first one was done from the castel's moats and the second represent the cathedrale of Nantes.

A few days after, I visited the garden surrending one of the most famous castel of Loire, the Castel of Chaumont.

Details of the entrance:

Last year, when I was still living in Oslo I made a trip with my dear friends Shank, Maya and Olve to the Chritiansand zoo. I decided to show you those sketches now plus the one I made during this spring 2010 at the great zoo of Beauval near the city of saint-Aignan (50 km from Blois). I thought it was a good opportunity for me to group my norvegian work and my french work and for you to compare the evolution of my drawings.
So here are the Christiansand zoo drawings from 2009:

And now the sketches I made at the Beauval zoo in may and june 2010: