Friday 16 November 2012



I didn't want to name my new post with the 2011 year again (because those sketches are from this year!).
So, now it seams less old.
As you probably noticed, I started to fell a bit lock on a moleskine format last year. Using the double page of A4 watercolor sketchbook (still moleskine) gave me enough space to breath.
Unfortunatly some sketches are now splitted on two different binders.
I should build my owne sketchbook.
The problem is about the paper. Is there anybody who know a similar paper than the watercolor moleskine paper (really smooth with no grain and strong enough to fight with watercolor!)?
I will appreciate if anybody could give me a clue.
The sketch with ink wash has been done on an italian sketchbook, bought in Florence (Firence).
It's a watercolor paper inside a leather cover... I LOVE IT!!!
If you go there one day, the store is in a street on the right when you are facing the cathedral entrance (I will ask for confirmation).

Monday 5 November 2012



Just another update with old works.
The castel of "Guet-pean", located 50 kilometers in south of Blois is unfortunatly a forgotten castel of Loire. It deserve more visitor. And the Landscape around it  is marvelous.