Tuesday 9 October 2007



I had this picture I took few weeks ago during a trip in North of Madrid. The light, so particular and the composition were a good suject for a bigger pastel (around 30x40cm).
So I decided to focus on the light and for that, I intentionally worked with no details, keeping the shapes a bit blur except for the tree in foreground.
Camille Corot was a master in creating this blury effects in the landscape painting, especially in the trees foliage. He was my main inspiration for the style I explored for this painting.
The way I limited my color was also inspired by the old Masters.
This is definitively a style I feel confortable with and appropriate for pastel painting I hope to create.


Alexandre Day said...

quelles belles lumières !
(comme souvent dans tes oeuvres...)
merci pour les yeux

Nathan Fowkes said...


Unknown said...

you guys probably never want to talk to me again, but Guillaume I had to tell you, you're still the greatest! it's nice to be able to see your work again.

Jared Shear said...

WOW....nice one Guillaume. Nailed it!

Anonymous said...

Nice! your pastels are getting better and better.

blabla said...

your landscape pastels are so beautiful! 0_o

Rupesh Talaskar said...

Awesome!!amazing layout !!

Unknown said...

I love watching the Landscape art very much. It will be very realistic and liked to be watched.