Monday, 18 August 2008

New Ink wash

I had a great pleasure recently to discover this boat, between Oslo center and Bygdoy. This first drawing was a good apetizer and I expected to come back to put on paper some other point of view... Unfortunatly the boat left recently.
"Pas de chance!!"
Anyway, I added some others ink washes done a fews weeks ago before I got this technical problem with my eyes....A damned cataract!!!!! That mean a slow production for the next month until I will have my surgery.

But I will take this oportunity to show you some old works from a few trips I have done.



Richard Smitheman said...

Really beautiful work, thanks for sharing.

Jackson Sze said...

These, Sir, are Gorgeous... wow.

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Hey Guillaume, I'm so sorry to hear about your eyes. Just give them a little rest and everything will be fine soon! These last images are beautiful, lovely taste!
Get well soon!

Dibumac said...

Hi Guillaume !

So bad to hear that ! Hope you recover soon.
Anyway, your sketches are better everytime, that means you are sure having a good time there.

I'm happy for that !


jason hazelroth said...

wow, really great paintings

Catilustre said...