Tuesday, 3 November 2009



Unfortunatly, my time in Norway is coming to an end. After 18 months in Norway, I´m going back soon to France, my country.
I still have a few days to spend here and I hope to have time for a last firework of sketches.
Anyway, don´t go to far, there will be some new sketches from new locations and always the same pleasure to share them with you.

Two old sketches I made this year, in April and september.
The ink wash was done on a brown washed paper.



Pedro said...

Oldies but goldies.

hfm said...


Alex said...

Great work, I love the detail on the front view of the ship. Looking forward to seeing more of your sketches from Norway.

Bouss said...

Vraiment magnifique..comme d'hab.

Eric said...

Guillaume, my friend.. your works are truly astounding, and show what a passionate artist you really are!!! I've been away for a while, and am just floored by your works.. I love these so much!!!

I really wish I'd been focused in the right area while we worked together, instead of allowing myself to get distracted by something that had nothing to do with my career!


Paula Ilha said...

Very nice work!

Marcos Mateu said...

Love the boat in the port specially

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