Wednesday 20 January 2010


Hi everybody,

Blois is a small french city (around 48000 cityzen) but a great place for history and architecture.
This was the King´s residence in France until the end of the 16th century.
The wonderful royal castel is still here to remember us the glorious and prestigious past the city had.
The two sketches I show you today were done from the Place in front of this castel.
All around you have this complex view of roofs. It´s a part of the old city and all the streets are pretty narrow.
It´s a nice spot you apreciate to draw during a sunny winter day (no cold shadows coming in your back to freeze you!).
The cathedral drawn on the second sketch was build in 1697. Some parts older, from a previous church ( 12th century) are still visible (inside the crypt and on the base of the facade).

Soon I will tell you more with more sketches.



Zoe said...

These are really beautiful: thank you! What grade/brand of pencil did you use?

Zoe said...
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karlsimon said...

Beautiful composition in the top one!

Bouss said...

Pfou, je suis soufflé par les couleurs du post précédents! Quelle lumière, c'est magnifique!

Et tes croquis sont toujours aussi balèzes!

Bonne année en retard et pleins de jolis croquis pour 2010!

Finn Clark said...

Amazing work. I love your location drawings.

Richard Smitheman said...

These are great!

Nathan Fowkes said...

Wow!! Beauties.

Jared Shear said...

Beautiful work Guillaume!