Monday 18 October 2010



Although the day was sunny, the temperature was really low for a day in october, especially when I did this watercolor sketch.
Fortunately, the street markets in France are welcoming places, led by vendors always very friendly.
Indeed, some have come to visit me when I was drawing.

Because the history's convention in the city, the "rendez vous de l'histoire", I had to share my time between the sketching and the convention.

So I took a break during the afternoon in a pub and made this last drawing.
It takes more to disturbed the regulars in the pub.



Helder FC Vieira said...

Sketching is so rewarding.
Kind regards

Unknown said...

cool sketches and nice blog

Gracia said...

great job!! i love the effect of the colour of the "porsches" of the market and the contrast with the shades! cool!
the effects of composition you get only with a pencil are brilliant

yal said...

Je m'en veux de ne pas connaître ton travail plus tôt.
c'est du petit lait...bienvenue dans mes liens, et bonne suite !

Родионов Евгений said...

great drawings!