Saturday, 11 December 2010



In spring and early summer, I had already familiarized myself with the tremendous wealth Animal of the "zoo de Beauval". When I went back in September and October I wanted to go beyond the classical production of animal sketches. So I chosed to approach the subject as an illustration, incorporating animals in their natural environment but in a decorative manner, integrating the text as a element of the general composition.
The pencil sketches were done on moleskine paper and the two watercolor on moleskine watercolor paper.

This first group was done in september...

And this group of sketches were done in october.

The "zoo de Beauval"  stay open during winter and i hope to go back soon to study some others animals in their tropical and australian green house...but without watercolor (I experimented it already, too much humidity to do it!).

See you soon



hfm said...

What a work!

Anthony Holden said...

Beautiful--I love that pelican composition.

Helen Ström said...

It makes me feel like drawing and to go to the zoo!! : )

Finn Clark said...

Beautiful sketches. I love the composition of the gnou painting!

Bouss said...

Vraiment superbe, comme d'habitude. ca donne envie.

alexis said...

Your pencil sketches are just PHENOMENAL. Really, they are beautiful.

Dibujos said...

Wow !! that s a great job ! I love that kind of drawing technique!!


WOW! Awesome work! I like it very much!

Anonymous said...

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