Friday, 14 March 2008



Here are three sketches from the same location. The two first were done today and the third last year, in october.
The second drawing was done in 20 min. With a line drawing more dynamic than the first one I think I´m loosing the peacefull mood I had found.


Mr.Plot said...

Hi!!! is lovely the way you use the line...i learn a lot with your stuff...I never go out to draw !!!!
I hope we can do one day together

keep posting and flying you helicopter.....

see you soon

Gracia said...

helloo!! These drawings from life look great!! as always, of course :) it's amazing you can even find time to do some sketches in between the preparations!! great!!! :D besos

Eric said...

Wonderful... your sketches are always a treat. You've always been one of the most versatile people I knew! :)

Anonymous said...