Thursday 20 March 2008



some old illustrations (done for a game) I recently reworked.


Jackson Sze said...

Hi Guillaume, thanks so much for dropping by my blog.

Your work is really great. The line drawings are so elegant and honest. Really cool man!

Gracia said...

Hi again!! these look really cool!! I love the feeling of air and space and light that they have, specially the one with the columns (cam looking down). Very nice!! I bet the game doesn't look that nice! jeje :) besos

Mr.Plot said...

I really like the final work with all the graphic design....i love the doodles !!!
keep posting and enjoy oslo
see you soon

un abrazo

Unknown said...

Old stuffs ? damn'' you have more ? please upload all it¡¡ :D
How its go on¡¡¡ i hope you like your amazing new city¡
se ya¡¡

Marcos Mateu said...

Nice line and sense of lighting Guillaume!

Guillaume Bonamy said...

Thank everybody.
I'm now on the road to my new home (for those who don't know yet, I going to live in Oslo, Norway!) but we keep in touch and I will post as soon as possible.

Joshua James said...

Very nice works.

Javier Ledesma said...

Hi Guillaume, how are you?. I hope you´re fine. Very nice work guy!

Eric said...

Very cool work my friend! Beautiful lighting and design! You're so darned talented!!!

Anonymous said...

Really liking the style and sense of line in these . The rustic feeling really sells it .

Cheers .

Vincent Pétremann said...

Really nice work, accurate and sensitive, just discovered this blog out of the blue but i will be be back really often.

keep rocking!

Florent said...

Hey are those backgrounds for DarkMessiah???!!
Huhu I worked on this as an animator! :)

Gracia said...

Guillaumeeee! when are you going to update?? :) publish something! we want to see those northern landscapes!! :D Besos