Tuesday 19 May 2009



Bygdøy, the peninsula is only a few minutes away from work. I made those sketches late in the afternoon and it is still a bit fresh to stay outside more than an hour without moving when you draw.
The first sketch was done from the Marina (you can see it on the line drawing sketch)). The second was done from a trail leading to the beach. Both from the west side of Bygdøy.
It´s amazing to know that we are so close from the city center when walking around Bygdøy.
On the third sketch, you can see how the boats are kept safe and dry during the winter.


Ambera said...

These are really amazing. I love sepia coloured work, it's wonderful.

Guillaume Bonamy said...

Thank Ambera. Claude Lorrain made some wonderful studies with sepia. He is the main inspiration for my work.