Wednesday 3 June 2009



I´ve been pretty busy this last month and the sketches I present you today were done few weeks ago. The first and the second are from Oslo and the last one was done during a trip in west of Norway.


karlsimon said...

wow, nice work. The Ink wash one is very good! How long do you spend on one like that? What format do you work in?


Jackson Sze said...

You sketches are fantastic!

Guillaume Bonamy said...

Thanks Karlsimon and Jackson Sze.
The ink wash was made on A4 watercolor paper. It took me about 2 hours, more or less. Actually, I don´t really care about the time, the more the better I enjoyed.
I´m working directly with the ink without previous sketch. It forced me to visualise the composition I wish to create and to be more self confident.

Stephen Gardner said...

Absolutely brilliant work.

Unknown said...

Hi Guillaume. Your work is veeeeery good, my friend. You are a great artist. Cong.
Abraços from Brazil

Mari Lucio said...

Your sketches are amazing!!!!
It's the first time I visit your blog and I loved!Cong.

Javier Ledesma said...

hi Guillaume. How are you? It´s been long time since we where making martians,xD. Amazing drawings guy!

Andrea Longhi said...

great great great!!!

jeremy Charpentier said...

really love the second sketch

Guillaume Bonamy said...

Thanks everyone for your nice comments.
I wish you a good summer sketch saison.

Øyvind Lauvdahl said...

Such a perfect blend of control and sensibility!