Tuesday 15 September 2009



here is the second part of our vacation trip in Italy. The two first drawing are from Roma and the others are from Toscane.


Matthew Brehm said...

WOW!!! .... really fantastic ... I wish I had known you were in Roma in July, I would have tried to meet with you for some sketching - and to learn from your technique! Great work!

Luc said...

BRAVO. Great.

karlsimon said...

Good sketches again! These are some of your best drawings. Ill have to go to Italy one day. I like the way youre economical about the shadows. There is just enough there to make it feel like sunlight. Beautiful!

Bouss said...

J'attendais la suite avec impatience et je suis pas déçus.
En revanche, j'ai du mal a me dire que c'est du 6B..

Quelle élégance et quelle baffe!

Guillaume Bonamy said...

Hi, thanks guys for your comments.
Karlsimon, I guess everything was there to make good sketches: a wonderfull subject, a warm summer time (difficult to avoid in Italy!)and been in vacation with my lovely wife.
Matthew, it´s sade we didn´t see each other in Roma, it´s always a great experience to meet people who are passionated.
Bouss, merci pour ta patience, j´ai un peu trainé pour ce nouvel envoi. Content que ces sketches te plaisent!
C´est effectivement du 6B, model "Berol turquoise 375". Non, c´est pas des blagues! meme si avec un nom pareil il pourrait faire parti de l´equipement officiel de la NASA.

Marcos Mateu said...

Beautiful compositions Guillaume. You certainly have been travelling around and making the most out of it!

Gracia said...

Waaaaaaaaaaa! I've seen the drawings for reaaal!! and they are much more incredible than they look in here!! they are F.A.B.U.LO.U.S!!!
you are a master (but you know that!!)bsos :D

Jennifer said...

Bonjour Guillaume,
je découvre ton blog via le Flickr de Urban Sketchers.
Magnifique série italienne!!!
Allez hop, dans mes favoris internet!

Jennifer said...

je n'ai pas de compte blogger, mais j'ai un site ;)


Tom Scholes said...

Gorgeous drawings and lovely blog.