Sunday 23 August 2009



July has been a wonderfull time for my artistic life. I had the pleasure to spend two weeks in Italy. We first decided to spend few days in Roma, before going to Tuscany.
I knew I would see a lot of art but I didn´t expect so much. During two week I felt like a kid locked in a toy store: running everywhere, with so much to see, so much to do and all of it just for us.
Because our time was limited we knew we had to select our visits. We decided to focus our attention on art "in situ", like churches instead of museums (except the vatican museum of course where we spent eight hours!).
We thought it was a nice way to approach the history of the city by seing the paintings, sculptures and architectures wich are still in their original places.
The rest of the time we walked in the city discovering all the wonders and the living way of roman people. We´ve been always welcome in all places.
The temperature was extremly hot as you can imagine (35 to 37degre celsius) and some afternoon we had to stop for one or two hours to rest a little bit. That´s the moment I took for doing those sketches I would like to show you today.
They were done on moleskine sketchbook with a 6B pencil.
Many times I was thinking about the nineteen century artist who came to Italy to build their art education. Camille Corot was one of them and I couldn´t stop thinking about him when I was
admiring this city.

Coming soon: VOYAGE IN ITALY, PART 2 .


Luc said...

very nice work. not only these, but all of yours. I hope you take sketches in Italy not only by pencil, but also with sepia watercolor. You directly go on my bookmarks. thanks for share.

Matthew Brehm said...

I agree with Luc! It's a shame I just discovered your blog today - it would have been great to meet you in Roma for a little sketching. Your drawings are wonderful - very reminiscent of Arthur Guptill and Ernest Watson, two of my favorite sketch artists. Great work!!

Bouss said...

Ca fait encore trop mal! et puis au 6B... Il y a juste tout ce qu'il faut, les valeurs sont magnifiques et les lieux merveilleusement retranscrit! C'est vraiment galvanisant de voir tes croquis. Mes yeux et moi-même te remercions.


karlsimon said...

Brilliant work as usual! I especially like the scaffolding shape on the last one. Looking forward to see the rest


Dibumac said...

Very nice drawings, Guillaume!
Patricia and I enjoyed our trip to Roma two years ago very much, too. We only spent there four days, and sure we'll go back anytime :)
Greetings from Coruña!

Unknown said...

Beautiful drawings!!!

Martin Bergquist said...

Love your drawing style! keep up the inspiring work of yours...

Jared Shear said...

Beautiful work Guillaume! always. Your sketches are fabulous.

Jennifer said...

woua, quelle claque...
tu n'as rien à envier à Camille Corot!

Vis tu à Paris?
Si oui, tu peux aller voir la collection Pébereau de ses dessins européens. C'est superbe.