Monday 13 September 2010


Hi everyone!
traveling this time in my imagination , I came back with this new illustration.
Then I wanted to show you as well my work process.
The final illustration was done on Photoshop, combining  textures and colors.

The line drawing.
Only as reference, the line drawing will disappear during the color process to have a more realistic style.

the sketch .
Most of the time my sketches are done for the composition and ambiance. I don't think about the final style because I want to keep all freedom for later. I considere my sketches as a memo and I don't show them (except today!).
This sketch was done previously with blue "col-erase"  pencil and inked for the correction.

 A second illustration about a similare location is in WIP and I will show it to you soon.



Andrea Longhi said...

great choise of colours!

Sizun said...

La composition et la profondeur sont superbes.

josumaroto said...

just incredible!!!

Marcos Mateu said...

Beautiful illustration, same with these last summer sketches!

Dibumac said...

You've done some amazing pieces lately Guillaume :)

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I really like the colours- especially the glow from the bar.

Zubuyer Kaolin said...

wow! thats just awesome. Colors are working really great in this one. I also like the mood. keep it up.

Gracia said...

WOOOOOWWW!! oh my!! this is spectacular!! it looks great once finished!! love the light effect you have created (apart form the compo... and everything, really, hahaha)
bss :)

Atlanteum Entertainment, LLC said...

Although it's been a very long time since we've worked together, my friend, you are more talented than ever! What beautiful, beautiful work..!

Box said...

la bal!