Wednesday, 1 July 2009


That´s it, I´m an artist ! I finally jump in to the world of Moleskine.
The paper is pretty soft and it´s a real pleisure to draw with a 6B pencil. Format are interesting too if you consider to make a double page sketch. Otherwise on single page it´s a too small for me.
Last week we spent a few evening on the beach with the typical Norvegian picknic package: Barbecue, sausage and drink.
It was already 9:30 or 10:00 pm when I noticed how the people were pushed away from the beach by the shadow. I had the impression to see a large wave of shadow cleaning the beach.
The boat I draw on the third sketch has been reconverted as cafe-theatre. They probably built some extra deck because the proportion are really unusual. In the meantime they are so interesting to draw.
The next sketch represent the town hall (called Radhuset) seen from the fortress. The architecture of this building is difficult to appreciate (personaly, I don´t) but the interior has been decorated with huge impressive painting from the beginning of the 20th century. It´s also the place where every year in december the Peace Nobel Price ceremony take place.
The two last sketches were done with the "artpen". The line drawing was too similar than my previous series of sketches and I was looking for some new tool I could explore. I stopped for now to use this pen but I´m thinking to use it for thumbnail studies lately.

That´s all for now . A special thank to Abel who offered me this first Moleskine sketchbook a few months ago. Now I´m addict.



Andrea Longhi said...

the last one is my favourite, I love the effect of the ink and water :)
did you use a funtain pen?

Guillaume Bonamy said...

Yes Andrea, I used an "artpen" from Rotring. Unfortnatly, the ink is difficult to keep in control when you wash it.

Olaf Johansson said...

Thank you for all the lovely pencil sketches. They charged my own inspiration.

Dibumac said...

Ey Guillaume!

Sketches keep looking better and better!
Rotring Artpen? I used to hate that tool! :) Because of the ink, of course. I made tons of comics as a teenager with one of those, but everytime I rubbed my hand over the paper everything got dirty :P

Best Regards from Coruña!!

Giuseppe Ferrario said...


Lorenzo E Martinez said...

Great to hear from you Guillaume! Love your work...beautiful! Long live 6B!

Jared Shear said...

Very cool Guillaume! These moleskin sketches are fantastic. You will have to try their watercolor sketchbook as will love it!!

Bouss said...

Wow wonderful work!!

I like very much the 3 boats, composition and sketch are pretty strong.

Are U a frenchie guy?! =) (dans le doute je préfère parler anglais..)

Guillaume Bonamy said...

thank everybody. I will soon post some sketches from my little vacation in Italy.
Jared, I will try the watercolor moleskine soon, working a bit more with color will make me a nice change.
Bouss, je suis effectivement un frenchy guy et merci pour tes commentaires. J'ai aussi visité ton site, tres tres bon boulot, Y'en a sous le capot!!

Bouss said...

haha désolé mon anglais est surement pourri j'ai même pas su corriger mes fautes..merci pour le compliment monsieur :s et merci aussi pour m'avoir donner l'envie de me remettre au croquis je cherchais juste la motiv' et j'ai été servi =)

quelle baffe!

je te link si tu me le permet :) je reviendrais héhé

Billy George said...

Nice work! Im inspired...