Wednesday, 4 August 2010



My sketchcrawl took place in Bretagne (Britanny), in the city of Vannes, where I was in vacation.
Olve, my friend from Oslo came to join us. For both of us, it has been a great time.
You can check his work here:

Here is mine:


Fawn said...

your work is beautiful! and this blog makes me want to do some more travelling:)

Gracia said...

Hey! these are great as always!! I love the one where you can see all the bricks!! how patient can you be?? haha
I also love Le petit expresso et le parasol!! beautiful ink drawing!! :D
hope your time in vannes was good!! :)

Benjamin Papail said...

Hi Guillaume, you don't know me. My name is Benjamin Papail, I live in St-Malo, in Britanny (I am french like you but i write in english beacause I want to get better, so excuse me for my english which is not always correct) and I am 21 years old.

I got your blogspot's url by "Bouss" whose name is in your links. He said to me your sketches were excellent.

I would like to spend you an e-mail but I have not your mail.
So i' am sorry for this "comment-mail" a little bit long..

First, let me say you that i love your work. I spent many hours to watch and study all your sketches and it' s a pleasure for my eyes to see all that talent, this imagination (I have also watched your professional drawings on your internet portfolio) and above all, this passion !

I write to you because I am also a drawer and I would like to work for animation films or video games. I am also interested in the story-boarder and animator jobs.

In fact, I will study at the "PREPA DE L' ATELIER" for one year (and i hope to continue with the vocational training in (for?) animation the 2 next years!) in Aniane, next Montpellier, where Sylvain Boussiron also studied.

Bouss advised me to practice observation sketches. So, I wanted to inform you that i work everyday of this summer to improve my sketches (I want absolutely get better before going to Aniane !)

I wondered if you would be ok to give me any advices after watching my sketches on my blog:

You can send me a mail if you want:
I thank you in advance

Bye, have a good work !
Benjamin Papail

Jean Marie Drouet said...

superbe, très beaux croquis. J'ai aussi fait beaucoup de croquis sur Nantes...

Finn Clark said...

Amazing work. Love it.

Guillaume Bonamy said...

Thank you!
Fawn, don't forget your sketchbook when you will go for your trip!
Gracia, I have to admit that the bricks were done later, at home in front of stupid TV program. I couldn't spend time during the sketchcrawl for this boring rendering.
Ben, I hope my little advice will help you!
Jean marie, j'ai eu le plaisir de voir tes croquis sur ton blog, superbe aquarelle!
Finn,Thank you.


josumaroto said...

great work
it has been a pleasure to discover it
i love bretagne, i discovered it 6 years ago

Benjamin Papail said...

Yes, your advices help me, thanks a lot !
Super sketches of Marseille !!
ps: I answered you a few days ago on your mail..

Genine said...

your work is wonderful..looking forward to seeing more