Tuesday 31 August 2010


 A sunny afternoon in Blois and I came back home with two sketches...It was about time!
  I made the first one from the castel's garden. I've been fascinated by the presence of this church, the  "Saint Vincent de Paul" church rising in the middle of this group of huge trees.
It's seems that trees and church are fighting to be the more majestic monument in the middle of the city.
  For the story, this church has been built  in 1624 but has been stopped after the foundation level. In 1634 they retook the construction and spent 20 years to elevate it up to the roof's bottom. They've been pretty slow because most of the stones were requisitionned for the extention of the castel.
Finaly, the church has been finished in 1660.

  Later, I came back on earth ground and I just relaxed in the shade and fresh air from a terrasse coffe's of Blois, sketching the street view.
For this sketch, I used a new brush pen and i enjoyed again to play with it.



Gracia said...

helloo! from your sketches, Blois seems to be a nice place to stay in summer, haha :D. Cool drawings as always! in both styles, very nice the stroke you got with the brush!! bss

Anonymous said...

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